Monday, February 8, 2010

Walnut ink/gouache on charcoal paper. Written with a quill and brush.


Kim from Hiraeth said...

I like that quote!

I've never heard of charcoal paper; I'll have to Google it!

(By the way, I really like your gothicized italic!)

Dave Ogden said...

Thanks Kim,

Charcoal paper is very nice to write on and you can get it in pads at most craft stores. It is a bit textured but it takes a small quill very well.

nikheel said...

Nice work David!

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Duh. Charcoal paper. Paper made for charcoal not paper made from charcoal.


Yes. I have heard of that; I've used it.

Dave Ogden said...

Thank you Nikheel.

No need to blush, Kim, I do the same thing all the time.